Duty Drawback

Unlock hidden savings and recover up to 99% of import duties paid on exported goods.

What is Duty Drawback?

Duty drawback is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows importers and exporters to claim a refund of 99% of the duties paid on imported merchandise when exported: unchanged, manufactured or destroyed. We offer comprehensive duty drawback services to help you recover duty refunds on eligible goods.

Major Types of Duty Drawback

A refund of duties, internal revenue taxes and fees can be claimed under the following types of drawback:

Unused Merchandise Drawback – Imported merchandise that is exported or destroyed. Additionally, exports that are deemed commercially interchangeable with the imported merchandise qualify under this type.

Rejected Merchandise Drawback - Imported merchandise that is rejected by the importer.

Manufacturing Drawback – Imported goods used in the production or manufacture of a finished product that is exported or destroyed.

Why trust our Drawback Team?

Export With Confidence, Recover With Ease: TLR's Drawback Advantage: Streamline your exports and maximize refunds with TLR. We leverage our expertise to design and manage compliant drawback programs, ensuring optimal recovery and peace of mind. Focus on your business, let TLR handle the rest.

Game Changing Service

Our team utilizes advanced technology and analytics to maximize your drawback recovery opportunities. We're not just filing claims – we're strategizing, optimizing, and maximizing your recoveries.

Save Time

Our expertise ensures accurate and timely filing of drawback claims. Increase cash flow and receive prompt refunds to reinvest in your business.


Our team of drawback experts have experience navigating the complex CBP regulations. We provide personalized attention and support throughout the entire process. We believe in building strong, long-term partnerships with our clients.

Ready to Start Saving?

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Duty Drawback Estimator

While this calculator provides a helpful estimate of duty drawback potential, it is not a substitute for professional advice. Importers should consult with TLR experts to determine their actual refund eligibility.