TLR Bunkers

Ironclad protection for your most valuable commodities.

Storage Bunkers

TLR Europe Vandel Air Station

Located four minutes from the Billund Airport and approximately 60 minutes from Aarhus, Denmark, the now commercial property was originally a military airbase built by the German military in WWII. TLR Europe has obtained the rights to 13 military-style bunkers and the surrounding area. The entire former base is now zoned commercial and houses a few different companies, including Denmark’s largest fireworks manufacturer.

The area is secured by an overall perimeter fence, as well as an interior fence surrounding the bunkers. There are motion detectors and lighting stanchions throughout the TLR section, as well as infra-red cameras.

Most of the bunkers are in a row on the access road, and others are clustered in the nearby wooded area.

The thirteen main bunkers are approximately 1998 sq ft., 14 feet high, at the highest point. Access is through the main drive in steel box doors which measure approximately 10’ X 10’. There is also a walk-in door on the opposite end from the main doors. There are infrared cameras outside the bunkers, as well as motion detector sensors inside. Each bunker has an alarm system.

Inside the bunker fence, there is ample room for outside secure storage for seas containers and other weather-proof containers.

A ‘Column 2’ license is in place, allowing 21 NEQ in bunker #1, 21 NEQ in bunker #2, and 8 NEQ in bunker #4.

A pending Column 3 license would allow 25 NEQ in each of the remaining 10 ’row’ bunkers.

There is an onsite fireworks company that has agreed to provide labor; loading and unloading.

The ‘bunkers in the woods’ (3) are general cargo only and each measure approximately 1656 sq ft., with a max height of 13’. The only door is 7’8”.

There are also small ammo mags of approximately 882 sq ft with an 11’ entry door.

Bunkers 17-19 are approximately 1657 sq ft, with a max height of 13’, and entry door 10’ high and 8’ wide.