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We do the work so your freight sails through customs smoothly— saving you time, money, and hassle.

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Get Your Cargo Where It Needs to Go Without the Hassle

Navigating the complex process of importing and exporting goods can be a daunting task, but working with a customs brokerage company can make it much easier.

At TLR, we have decades of experience helping our clients through the import and export process.

We understand the ever-changing world of customs clearance regulations and requirements, and we help ensure our clients are in compliance with every shipment.

We’ll also work with you to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your goods where they need to go, so you can feel confident in every step of the supply chain logistics process.

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Over a Half-Century of Experience

We know a thing or two about customs business because we’ve been a customs broker in the international trade industry for over 50 years.

Customs Solutions

Thousands of Entries a Year

Our track record speaks for itself. As a customs broker, we handle thousands of entries each year for companies all over the world.

We Know Customs Regulations

Never Stress About Compliance Again

When it comes to importing goods, companies need to be sure that they are doing everything by the book.

Customs regulations change all the time, and even one mistake can result in hefty fines and detrimental delays. At TLR, our customs brokers can help you navigate through the complex process of importing and exporting goods, and ensure you are compliant with all the relevant regulations.

The Best Customs Brokerage

Industry Expertise

You need to find a company that has experience with the customs clearance process for your particular industry.

TLR is exactly that type of company.

As a leading customs broker for specialty markets such as ITAR products and wine and spirits, we understand the import/export process in even the most niche and challenging industries.

International Trade Logistics

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TLR offers custom trade consulting services that help businesses worldwide stay compliant and better understand the legalities of the international trade industry.

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We specialize in air freight and ocean freight chartering services for both domestic and international cargo. With our knowledge of the shipping process and regulations, we can develop a comprehensive shipping plan tailored to your needs.

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Freight Forwarding

We provide customized and integrated transportation solutions to help you achieve your shipping objectives. Our partnerships with key air, ocean, and ground carriers allow us to offer the most consistent transit and lift options.

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Ask the Customs Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Customs brokers are responsible for ensuring that shipments entering or leaving a country comply with the laws and regulations of the destination country.

Customs brokers work with customs officials to ensure all import and export documents and federal requirements are met and they arrange to pay duties on your behalf.

They work with importers and exporters to clear goods through customs, and may also provide consulting and other services related to international trade.

There are many benefits of working with a customs broker.

First and foremost, a customs broker will transact customs business on your behalf which means they will help ensure that your company is in compliance with all the shipping regulations. They have the knowledge and experience to navigate through the complex process of importing and exporting goods, and can help you avoid costly fines and delays.

Additionally, working with a customs broker can save you time and money. They can help you find the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your goods where they need to go, so you can focus on growing your business.

Lastly, they can provide valuable consulting services that can help improve your company’s compliance program. When it comes to shipping goods, mitigating risk is key- and a customs broker can help you do just that.

Yes, it is important to work with customs brokerage firms that have a customs broker license. A customs broker license indicates that the company has met certain requirements, such as passing a licensing exam, and is knowledgeable about the relevant regulations. When you work with a licensed customs broker, you can be confident that they will handle your cargo in a compliant manner.

Additionally, it’s recommended to find a broker who is part of well-known industry associations and has clear industry involvement.

TLR takes pride in being a leader in the international logistics community and is a member of organizations such as the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America.